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What is MCY Connect?

MCY Connect is an opportunity to join Advisory on zoom as we host a meeting dedicated to connecting with bid committees & people with interest in starting bid committees throughout Michigan. 


This zoom will be an opportunity for face time with advisory in between events to help answer questions and check in on the happenings across the state.


February's MCY Connect Meeting Info

Sun Feb 19, 2023 - 6pm EST

Link to Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 772 880 8910

Passcode: 112023

February MCYconnect


Hey committee members.  The first ever MCYconnect meeting is fast approaching and I would like to help prepare you for what to expect.  We would like to keep the meeting as close to an hour long as possible but helping you all to feel comfortable and confident moving forward is more important.  We will begin the meeting with introductions which we will do committee by committee kind of popcorn style. 


Then we would like each committee to give a short (2-3 minute) report on the state of your committee.  I would suggest this being done by the chair, co-chair, or a trusted member.  I know it’s super early in the bidding year and there may not be much to report but we would like to know when your next meeting is, your financial state, bank account status (i.e. we are working on getting one, we need assistance on getting one, our treasurer is going to keep the money under their mattress, etc.), next event or future plans for events, and any concerns that your committee has, what your committee would like to get out of MCYconnect and we would like to know what you’re doing or plan to do for outreach in you’re area, and for growing and retaining members.


After reports advisory will address your committee concerns that are given during reports as time allows keeping in mind that some of the concerns may require addition attention outside of the meeting. 


Next, we will open the floor for Q and A.  We will answer as many questions as possible but would also like to be as fair as we can be fielding questions from each committee.  So if there are burning questions that you would like answered including them in your report would be ideal.  If time allows and there are no further questions I will give a presentation on gbm format, etiquette, and the procedure of making motions as laid out in Roberts rules of order.


We will spend the last 5 minutes of the meeting with reports from advisory, to inform the committees of what we have been up to since the convention.  I look forward to seeing you at the MCYconnect metting!

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